A Soup Slip

So, today turned out to be a real Monday.
If you had warned me upon waking that I was going to wish I had stayed in bed, I probably wouldn't have believed you. But, that shows you how much I know.

Sure, it was a bit nasty trying to get up for work. But morning always comes a bit too early for my taste (especially after a good weekend); so, that wasn't a big change. In fact, the morning was rather pleasant. The drive in to work was even better-than-average, and we found ourselves feeling quite smug for finally cracking the code regarding what time it's best to leave in the morning without hitting nasty traffic on the way across town.

Work was rattling along just fine by about noon. In fact, I'd just had a discussion with a colleague about how much I'd gotten done already!

Even better, since the weather was turning out to be quite pleasant, we decided that it might be nice to take our lunches outside for a change. I went into the other room and heated up the bowl of roasted tomato soup that I'd brought to work for lunch. Brought it back to my desk, grabbed my apple, and

WHOMP! That's when it happened.
Homemade tomato soup all the way DOWN my shirt... into the waistband of my pants!!

As shocked as I was to find myself bathing in soup, I am quite sure that the soup was also quite horrified to find itself so utterly displaced.

There were two things that made the situation VERY fortunate indeed. One is that the microwave at work is VERY old, and doesn't seem to heat up soup to a very high temperature (even when one follows the proper heating instructions). The second is that, although I managed to splash my lovely new desk calendar with soup, not a drop made it down onto the brand new carpeting on the floor of my office -- which I found pretty nifty, considering how much soup seemed to have escaped down my blouse.

The thought occurred to me that I might be able to clean up enough to remain at work. Until I caught a WHIFF of myself. Yes, the soup smelled lovely in the bowl. But it was NOT the stuff that perfumes are made of.

Today's lesson: However tasty, tomato soup is not portable.

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