Dragging our Booty Into the Weekend

So... Paul had a great time yesterday, observing International Talk Like a Pirate Day. He hauled his BOOTY in to work, and chatted up a storm with his fellow mates.

Seems people in his office are a little more receptive to being quirky and outlandish than people where I work. Can you believe that NOT ONE person here even mentioned that it was Talk Like a Pirate Day?! Blasted Landlubbers...

We're a bit sad to return to normalcy at our house. But, fortunately for us, we have a crazy-busy weekend to distract us!

Friday, it's "catch up with Steph & Nate" night. S&N just returned from a trip to France, so we're excited to hear all their great stories, and see some of their photos. I'm bringing a slow cooked pork roast to the table, and Steph is providing the rest of the meal. If the roast is good enough for BURP! I'll post something for y'all to look at after the weekend.

Saturday, we'll be running a few errands (and making our weekly pilgrimage to the farmer's market) and doing a bit of clean-up around the house. But, round about 1pm or so, we're heading off for a tour of the Sprecher Brewery with our friends Rebecca & Michelle, who also happen to be our partners in crime when it comes to all things beer-related. Once we exhaust the good times to be had a the brewery, we'll be traipsing back to our pad for some grilled burgers, potato salad, and green beans. And, if all goes well, we'll be trying out the infamous STOUT FLOATS again (this time, we're going to add some Irish whiskey and chocolate to the mix and see if those flavors appeal a bit more).

Sunday, it's off to visit Paul's aunt Kris -- who we haven't seen enough of in the past year. We'll hang out there in the afternoon, have some dinner, and then make the drive back home again to turn in for some good old fashioned rest.

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