Open Letters

Inspired by Jess over at Floor 22: The Annex.

Here's some open letters that summarize my life/our life lately.
  • Dear Pocketbook: You are more full than you think. After all, life is more than the green we keep. Love, Lo
  • Dear Elmo: Thanks for being a constant reminder of how important independence is. And cleanliness. With Gratitude, Lo
  • Dear Spring: It's time. Honestly, Lo
  • Dear Colleagues: Thanks for all of your support. I wouldn't have expected it, but it's been incredible. Couldn't have gotten through it without you. Seriously, Lo
  • Dear leftover corned beef (which finally ended up in the freezer): It's not because we don't love you. Our life has just taken a lot of unexpected turns when it comes to dinner. We'll revisit you soon. I promise. With sincerity, Lo
  • Dear Prospective Cohort Members: I promise you you won't regret it. Truly, Lo
  • Dear Those People: Please don't make us wait any longer. Desperately, Lo
  • Dear Universe: We're ready for the Good Stuff. Honest. Sincerely, Lo

Unbelievable how much can be expressed in such a small amount of space. Got some of your own to share?

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