A Farewell: to the last bits of snow in my yard

As the morning sun rises above the neighbor's fence, I bid you well. It was nice of you to cover the ground during the holidays. It sure did make it feel that much more festive. And remember that time when Lo and I came outside and we twirled around as you were landing? Yeah, that was a good time. We collected your flakes on our hands and shared them with each other to see if we could find one that matched. But no...you are too clever with your geometry. You fascinate me and excite me, and I appreciate the moisture you now provide the ground as it wakens from its long winter's slumber.

However, once again I have grown tired of you. I know you may come back yet for an encore performance. But for now, let us depart as friends before I change my mind. After all, you did try to kill me a few months back when you fell from the sky all wet and heavy like. You really did make me quite angry. But I forgive you. I know you were just doing what you needed to do. For being just crystalline water ice, you sure are high maintenance.

with much love and respect,


Lo said...

I can't believe that little pile of snow is still there! Bet it's not there by 4pm!!

Peef said...

Heavens no. It was gone by 11am. I had to run out there right away this morning to capture the last of it.

Anonymous said...

TOO funny! I was thinking just the other day about the last bit of snow in our yard as well -- although not quite so poetically! ;-)
I for one am doing a happy dance that it is gone! However - my laundry does take a lot longer - now that SHOUT Spray n Wash is my best friend again! Ahh the joys of unthawing mud! :-) Wouldn't trade it for the snow! ~jo