Snip. Snap. All better again.

Well -- thanks for all the healing thoughts and well wishes! They worked. Happily, the cold turned out to be a nice, ordinary 5-day variety. And, after a bit of R&R on the weekend, I'm quite nearly good-as-new again! Which is very good insofar as Peef is concerned.

As we look forward to the week ahead, it's a good thing that we're both back in good health. Cuz it's going to be a wild one. Tonight we have a bunch of errands to run after work (provided we don't decide to attend this event at Marquette --which will impact that plan a bit). Tuesday, we have an electrician coming over to our place to give us an estimate on a couple of things we've been wanting to have done (an update to our electrical in the dining room & a new outlet in the kitchen). Wednesday looks clear (so far); but we're setting aside a number of evenings this week to begin prepping, planning, and shopping for our Thanksgiving feast and subsequent Thanksgiving Saturday brunch, which is a tradition at our house.

ORDINARILY, Peef and I take "off" for the Thanksgiving holiday. It's in close proximity (most years) to our wedding anniversary, so we've gotten in the habit of setting aside this holiday as our own time. We've been known to hole up at home for the holiday; but, we've also been known to run off to Fargo to visit our friends Jeremy & Rebecca (and their lovely family). This year, we've volunteered to host the holiday for Peef's parents, his grandparents, and his aunt. Kind of an exciting prospect. But, it does mean that we've got to get down to business sooner than later.

So, we've got two menus to plan. Fun, fun, fun!

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Jess said...

Glad that you're feeling better! Good luck with (and enjoy!) all your busy times ahead!