This week's list of GOOD things

It always helps to make a list!
  1. Interviews (of the job getting persuasion)
  2. A working computer (mine has been down for much of the afternoon, so I'm feeling this pretty intimately)
  3. Tamale pie
  4. Ripe avocadoes
  5. Coffee on a cold morning
  6. Sunshine when it's -15ºF
  7. The prospect of good news
  8. Hand-made dish cloths
  9. Roll-over minutes (We went over our cell minutes for the first time ever last month, and now I'm thinking these are pretty keen)
  10. Healthy kitties (Elmo gave us a good scare this week, but we're pleased to say that he seems to be feeling better)


Rachel said...

A nice list! And just what we need to focus on when it's so freezing cold!

I love all that you list as well.

Sandy Smith said...

I really like your list. I'm adding it to MY list of good things!