Happy 2009!

Alright, we're signing on to 2009 a bit late... but we wanted to make sure it was really real before we spread false hope.

So now that we have officially slammed the door of 2008 shut tight and secured the deadbolt and threw away the key...Lo and I can forge ahead with 2009. Because we have put 2008 under locks, there is no point in reviewing the year and all of its...I just can't.

OK. The Nastiness of 2008 is done. Let's move on.
Here's to 2009!!

We have a new outlook on life. Prospects of a new job. Maybe a new car? Maybe a new city to live in? Who knows? Anything is possible when you're standing on the cusp.

The job hunt has been very successful -- considering the economic factor and the holiday factor. I've had a number of interviews, and new things crop up all the time. Things aren't moving QUITE as quickly as I would like, but you've gotta take what you can get. Indubitably, the job search will continue to wear on ... until that glorious day when a written offer is finally in my hands. Let's pray for that moment, shall we?

Lo is back at work after a nice long time away during the holidays. "Work is work," as she says; but, these days she's thankful to be working in a relatively recession-proof industry. Her job has been a bit "stressy," but she's off and running with her recruitment activities, and hopes to get a cohort together for summer 2009.

Elmo, Zoe, Izzie and Yoyo don't seem to realize that we've made the transition to a new year. But, they did get excited when we took down the Krimmus tree and gave them back their beautiful, sunny turret. Now, they're free to lie about, all lazy-like, in between their regular eating and poo-ing.

The house... is still standing.
The snow... is still falling.
And the music... is still playing.

Thank God for the music.

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