Something I Read Today: Alternatives to bottled water

We've been trying to cut back on bottled water at our house for quite some time. There are all sorts of reasons to do this... the environment being a really big one.

We know why people love bottled water. It is is ever-so-convenient. And habits can be difficult to break.

BUT, I found something that might help. Amy's got a really great list of viable alternatives to bottled water on her blog. Including an option for people who love to drink SPARKLING water (something I never thought about).

And trust me, these things really are do-able.

The only place I'd depart from her wisdom is with regard to the Brita pitcher recommendation. If you look into Brita, you'll find that the filtering process is only marginally useful (and really only filters out chlorine taste/odors when it all comes down). So, I'd recommend an alternative. We use a PUR pitcher, which is effective for water in our particular area. But, depending on your water conditions, I'd recommend a bit of research in that area.


Jess said...

I love to drink sparkling water, and I've thought pretty seriously about getting one of those machines. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Also, there is a campaign to urge Clorox, the company that makes Brita filters in North America, to take them back and recycle them. It's already being done successfully in Europe by the original Brita company.

Please visit for more info and to sign the petition.


Anonymous said...

Kleen Kanteen is on my list of "have to gets." They're made of stainless steel instead of Sigg's aluminum and they're made in the US vs China.