Local Eating Resources for WI

As the weather warms up here in Wisconsin, we always get re-energized in our quest to find more local eats. No, you won't find a local source for avocadoes or pineapples here. But, we have access to some pretty good stuff. And here's proof.

This cool interactive map was created by students at UW-Madison. It shows food producers, restaurants, farmers' markets, and other food resources within a 100-mile radius of Madison, WI. Good stuff here, guys.

  • Another great resource is the Farm Fresh Atlas, which includes nearly 100 local farms.
  • Thanks to Amy over at Daily Diner, I also found a great listing of local sources for pasture-raised meats at Eat Wild (I've pointed you at the Wisconsin farms, though they provide information for farms throughout the states and Canada).

What great resources for people interested in trying to eating locally -- especially in these northern climes!


amandalouden said...

Thanks for the mention!


Daily Diner

Esprout said...

Hey Peef, do you know of anything like this for we who're a state west? I haven't seen a map like that for MN, and yes, you're right--summer does make us think more about eating locally. It's so easy--too bad these darn Midwestern winters don't allow it all year long.

Lo said...

Esprout (love that name, btw) - I've not seen anything specifically geared toward Minnesota. But, I'll keep my eyes open. If I find anything, I'll pass it along to you!