Soup Night: The Final Episode

Happy Monday everyone!

Thanks to those of you who stopped out for our final soup night. The soup was hot, the weather was fabulous, and we couldn't have asked for a better way to wrap up the Soup Night season! The fact that Peter and Amanda brought cream puffs was an added bonus. Yum.
Creamy Potato Soup turned out to be the overall soup night winner... which probably means that it will make an appearance next year. We also got a lot of great suggestions for soups to feature during the 2009 Spattering (except I have to ask... jelly bean soup??... I might need a recipe for that one!).

If you couldn't make it over for soup night, but you have a soup you'd like us to feature, feel free to leave a comment. Or email your suggestions to us at peefandlo at


Peter said...

I'll have you know I definitely made every one of those cream puffs myself. Don't let the box fool you.

Lo said...

Wow, Peter -
It was miraculous how you baked that cream right into the center of each puff. Real talent. Maybe you should consider leaving your day job to make cream puffs...