"Did they die?"

If this is the question you've been asking yourself, we're here to provide an answer.

No, we're not dead. But it seems that the cleanse that we did last weekend has extended into the week. Both of us have had quite the catching up to do -- both at work and at home -- and we've simply had no time to post. Until now.

Here is a quick glance at what we ate and drank this past Friday - Monday...

No, not green beer...but a delicious green food tincture with hint of unsweetened cranberry juice. We got to indulge in this treat twice a day (along with our daily dose of cod liver oil). YUM!

Slightly steamed asparagus with a squeeze of lemon.

Tea, supplements, and freshly carved pineapple.
(That pesky lemon appears to really enjoy getting her picture taken...)

A delicious salad of baby arugula and mache with red peppers, cucumbers, and avacado chunks. We dressed this with a little apple cider vinegar and flax oil.

Overall, we feel about the same as before the cleanse -- except we seem to have more energy, stamina, and a renewed sense of commitment to good eating. Our recipe binders and pot racks also benefited remarkably from the cleanse, as we took some time to do some much-needed organizing. It's nice to know that both our home and innards are a little bit cleaner.

Life is good!

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