Peef & Lo. In the 21st Century.

Our first correspondence as Peef & Lo came in the form of a newsletter we sent out to our wedding party way back in 1997. After the wedding, the newsletter took a larger shape — and we began sending it out to friends and family, in an effort to keep them apprised of our “adventures” during our newlywed years. We shared the hardships and joys of those first years — with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

But now, ten years later, here we are. Still Peef and Lo. But in a very different place. And living in a very different world. Time has grown short. Paper has gotten scarce. Postage has gone the way of gasoline — and gotten expensive.

And so — this blog is the fodder of our fantastic revolution…
Here we are. In the 21st Century.

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E. John said...

What a GREAT idea!
I look forward to checking your blog regularly to see what fantastic adventures you have been having!