Why I love the Fair

The 158th annual Wisconsin State Fair opened yesterday. And boy-oh-boy. It's a dandy this year. And we're not the only ones who think so. Karen wrote all about it on her Between the Bars blog.

We've actually got plans to make a trip out to the fair next week -- when all the excitement has has a chance to die down. I find that the fair is best after all the pigs have been judged, the contests have been adjudicated, and the overall "newness" factor has dissipated.

I do love me some of the fair. And so, I'm posting a little homage.

I love going to the WI State Fair because:
  1. WI SF has a micro-brew beer tent that most certainly puts other fairs to shame
  2. there's chocolate covered bacon
  3. there's beer
  4. who can resist the cheese curds?
  5. and don't forget the deep fried oreos
  6. there's always more beer
  7. you can always find silly city folk that seem to think all animals belong behind bars
  8. seeing washed up bands play is like watching a train wreck
  9. people watching is always at its prime
  10. there are pig races!
If that isn't enough to make you get up off your couch and go buy tickets to the fair, then you should check your pulse. Really. Just think of all the fun we had LAST YEAR!

AND if your heading out there, look for me. I'll be the one wearing the Skynard shirt and the trucker cap spilling my beer down your back. I'll probably even bring Lo along -- since her new hill-billy look is seriously stylin'.

You think I'm kidding? Heck, I don't want to look like no fool. I need to blend in so that I don't draw too much attention to myself. After all, I'm one of those silly city folk. And, now that I'm half famous from being in the Journal Sentinel, I don't need nobody recognizing me either.

Have fun at the fair y'all...


Rambling Rachel said...

are you crazy? it's hot outside.

Lo said...

Yeah -- it's hot now! But, hopefully not on Wednesday!! :)

Peef said...

There's nothing wrong with enjoying the 2 weeks of summer weather that we get.