Kids Rock: Star Wars According to a 3yo

Get a load of this:


Rambling Rachel said...

this is so cute!

but I can't help thinking--who let their kid watch that movie???? :)

After watching Wall-E, my son is sure robots are going to get him. We all have to have monsters I guess.

What was your monster? Mine was a lion and panther. They sat at the bottom of the steps when I was up in my room.

Lo said...

I think my monsters were pretty abstract. I "knew" there were "things" under the bed and in the closet. They were a bit like cockroaches -- easily frightened if you moved quickly, turned the light on, or opened the closet door with unusual speed.

And sometimes (this was the scariest), I'd glimpse them out of the corner of my eye in the mirror when the room was dark.