Pontifications on Honest Work

Today was a Bad Day at work.
I won't go into everything that means -- except to say that today I was having a very difficult time being grateful for my employment. And that gave me a bit of pause.

Being grateful is something that I've committed to ever since Peef's job was whisked away in late November (many thanks to the Benevolent Dictator who left us with this gasping economy). After all, it seems I shouldn't have much to complain about when I'm making a fair wage for honest work. It can be remarkably fulfilling to leave WORK AT WORK at night and enjoy my passions AT HOME. Plus, I've always been adament that I'm NOT a careerist who needs her work to define her.

So, rather than dwelling on the BADness of my day, I'm going to take a moment to reflect. And I am going to recommit myself. To good, honest work.

In this time. In this place.
I have NO right to complain.

Maybe Todd Rundgren said it best?

That said, if any curious business owners are reading this and want to pay me a ridiculous amount of money to pontificate (or better yet, write marketing copy), I still have seven cell minutes left before we go over our allotment for the month.

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Rachel said...

Beautiful post. Let me know when you want to freelance. ;)