Being Brave Pays Off

I am pleased to report that I have lived through the GRE, yet again.

As an added bonus, from what I can tell, my scores are quite respectable. I'm still waiting to see what my analytical writing scores look like; but, to be honest, I wasn't all that worried about the writing end of things. I was more concerned that my verbal scores were somehow going to take a nose-dive... which would have been a fair tragedy, considering I'm trying to sell myself to the English department.

I can't say I'm THRILLED by my scores. But, then, am I supposed to be?
I'm mostly just relieved to have it over with. And, I would guess that Peef would echo my thoughts. He has, after all, put up with me and all of my crazy studying for the past 4 weeks.

Life can now begin again. Yay!

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